Customers who were so touched by our quality of service that they kindly took the time to write directly, or via CAA / AAA:

CAA Member wants to compliment the driver for doing a great job and taking her and her 6 year old daughter home safely after dropping her car off at the dealer.

Sarnia ON, CA

Driver of truck #24
Thank you so much for your professionalism, kindness and courtesy when my car died last Wed. afternoon at the corner of Blackwell and Confederation St. You delivered my car to Arts Brothers in Petrolia, then got me safely home----and also carried my packages! Thank you so much --- and I suggest your company give you a raise. You are a valued employee.
Thanks again ---- Dorine G.

CAA Member Compliment - Petrolia ON, CA

RE: Driver of unit #91 and van #8
I wanted to write to make you aware of a situation that we experienced while returning from vacation.

It was Friday afternoon (June 15)and our car broke the serpentine belt in Sarnia, ON. I called CAA and they called the towing company called Bluewater Towing. They responded quickly (within 15 minutes of the call) and recommended a shell station that could replace the belt that afternoon. The car was towed to the station and the belt was replaced. We left the station only to have the temperature guage in the car show the engine was heating up quickly. We called the station we had just left and was told that everyone had gone for the day. We then called CAA only to have the same tow truck driver return to tow us the second time that afternoon. He was again very helpful and towed the car to the Ford dealer. However, since we had the whole family with us, not everyone could fit in the tow truck so he called a van to pick us up and follow the car to the dealer. The Ford dealer looked at the car to see if it was anything they could fix that night. The van and tow truck waited while the dealer looked at the car in case we needed a ride somewhere else. When it was apparent the car could not be fixed that night they recommended a motel for the evening and restraunts within walking distance of the motel. They waited to make sure we had a room for the evening. In a very discouraging day, they were the bright spots. We felt they went above and beyond what we would have expected. Although we would enjoy seeing both the employees again we hope it is not under the same circumstances!

We thought you should know that it is representatives like Bluewater Towing that make the membership in AAA worth the money.
Sincerely, J and L Hodge

AAA - John & Laurie Hodge - MI, U.S.A.

On behalf of the Point Edward Fire & Rescue, I would like to thank for your cooperation and use of your property for our annual auto extrication training day. Being able to work on the cars provided by you helps us become more successful for future incidents. Sincerely,
Fire Chief Doug MacKenzie

Point Edward Fire & Rescue

CAA Member was very pleased with the Bluewater Towing Driver and service. The member wanted to make sure that Jim was made aware of it.

Sarnia ON, CA

I am a female sales rep for Southwestern Ontario and have encountered numerous mechanics, drivers and tow operators. But none that have made me write a thank you note as soon as I got home. Your driver helped me today after a call to CAA. I had sheared a ? on the left side of my engine mount. (Driver) saw the trouble right away and explained it to me. He took me to D&W right away (who also were great) Made sure the car was fixed and driveable before he went on his way. I will never forget his courteous and friendly manner. He made an otherwise stressful day turn around in an instant. I hope all your drivers are like (Driver). He was wonderful---and I told him so too! If I break down in Sarnia again, I'll be sure too call Bluewater Towing.

Sandy M

Southwestern ON, CA

God Bless You,
Remember us, we had the flat tire at Temple Baptist Church & the "rail hugger" n the 402. Thank you for the excellent service you have given in our time of need. Your knowledge and expertise are invaluable. You have a great personality with people and explain the situation so clearly. You deserve so much more than a thank you.

Anne-Marie H & Pastor Les M

London ON, CA

MESSAGE RELAY FROM BC CAA CLUB -- RE: Driver of unit #98
I recently received a tow from Jim (I am afraid I didn't get his last name) at Bluewater Towing in Sarnia, Ontario. wanted to make you aware of the exceptional service we received. Not only did Jim arrive almost immediately after my call for help, but he was able to offer a friendly smile and reassurance during a difficult time period of car break-down. The boys at Bluewater Towing helped make the experience much more bearable. Please pass along my thanks!

British Columbia CAA member BC, CA

I came out of work on January 7th to find a flat tire on my car. Since it was after 5 p.m. I figured that all the tire shops would be closed. I didn't know who to call for help. Our roadside assistance had expired after 60 000 kms. Then I remembered that I had an old coupon from your company that I had torn off of a placemat at John's restaurant. When I called I spoke to a very nice woman on the phone. She sent someone over to help me out and he managed to put enough air in my tire to get me out to Canadian Tire, and then he followed me there to make sure I got there without any problems. He was very kind, considerate and professional, and my old coupon was honored so I got 50% off of the service. I had carried that coupon around for several years and never needed it, but I was sure glad I had it then. I have told many people about the great service and everyone was impressed that your driver followed me to Canadian Tire. A friend of mine was recently at John's Restaurant and brought me a new coupon for your company from their placemat. I'll sure know who to call in the future if I ever need this kind of assistance again.

Please pass my sincere thanks along to your driver and to the dispatcher who were on that evening as well.

Sarnia ON, CA

Thank you for taking the time to read our Testimonies -- we are very humbled by them!

Carson Thompson, Founder & Manager